cisphobic plant


friendly reminder that “queer” is a slur and has the definition of “odd” or “to ruin” and SOME people have reclaimed it for themselves but NOT EVERYONE so saying things like “queer community”, “queer movement”, “queer rights”, “queer women” etc doesn’t make sense


The gabifresh x swimsuitsforall bikini has been restocked and is now available to buy here! For more photos from this shoot, check out! If you reblog, please keep this caption <3


a movie about two asexual aromantic best friends who have a best friend marriage for tax benefits




Please help my datemates and me raise the money to see each other this summer?

Hi! My name is Leon (constantlyrambling and eveningfarewell on Tumblr), and I’m the one to the far left in the header picture. I’m currently in a polyamorous and long-distance relationship with Sebastian (middle, nightvales-voice) and Theo (right, intern-skylar and enbysaurusrex). Because we live in Washington, Iowa, and Michigan, we haven’t yet met face-to-face. This summer, we’d really like to change that.

We need about $1200 to get two of us to Iowa and then cover hotel costs. That’s a lot of money (almost as much as my car costs, for perspective). Between us, we could probably save that much by July; but we’re worried about our ability to do so, and especially about our ability to do so without putting strain on our wallets and mental health.

If you donate, your money will go to:

  • One plane ticket (approx. $500-$600)
  • One Greyhound ticket ($120)
  • Six nights in a hotel ($72/night, $72*6=$432)

If we raise around $1200, that would cover all of our costs plus additional fees (baggage fees, tax, and prices going up by the time we can buy these, for example).

Please donate, even if you can only donate a little. The littlest amounts help—if all of our followers donated a single dollar, we would have more than enough to cover the trip and hotel, rent a car while we were there, and eat out at nice restaurants. But all we’re asking for right now is help getting to Iowa and staying there for a few nights.

Any help is very appreciated, including signal boosting.

You can donate here (plus! Cool rewards, like drawings and fanfics and dream pillows!)

Thank you!

Hey hey hey! Check it out, we just added a bunch of cool new rewards! We’re getting very very close to having enough to buy a plane ticket! Will you help us afford it by the end of this month?

Sorry to put this on your dash again, but I have one more thing to add: if you don’t want to or are unable to donate via GoFundMe but you’d still like to donate, you can donate to my PayPal at! Again, thank you all so much!


i’m really good at making plans and then not wanting to do them when the time comes

Hello EROS, my name is Beary and I am a bear. How are you today?



Hello Beary. I love you I love bears.

What is it like to be a bear? Honey and blue berry pie.

Sounds delicious. 

I love to be a bear, too.

Want a kiss on the bear


*checks out ur blog*

*sees u using slurs*

*clicks out*


why do anti sjs still mention die cis scum all the time i think the last time someone said that seriously was like 2011